Vision Mission

Mission and Vision || G D Goenka School Indirapuram

Our Mission

The mission of G.D. Goenka Public School is to develop outstanding leaders who contribute to the well being of society. Each member of the Goenkan community plays an important role in the pursuit of the mission.

Our Vision

We, at GDGPS, Indirapuram crave to see our children grow up as responsible bright, happy, compassionate, self-reliant and productive citizen of the nation and the world.

We are striving towards excellence. We aspire that our students emerge excellent not just in academics and intellectual awareness but also grow physically agile, morally upright, aesthetically appreciative and spiritually enlightened.

We look forward to an educational system that will help enhance the child's cognitive growth, analytical reasoning, problem solving, and decision-making skills.

We crave to see our children grow to become truly secular by inculcating in them a healthy respect for all religions and a proper understanding of their social responsibilities in our pluralistic society.

Its our endeavour to strengthen the healthy roots of our social fabric at large. Living in harmony with the inherited wealth of natural environment and the collective heritage is the only way to a sustainable world.

Our children will definitely emerge as global leaders in their respective areas with a balanced growth in their personality amalgamation of modern etiquettes with traditional values to give them the exposure to both global world and indian culture and at the same time we try to develop a mindset that is inquisitive and innovative to make them thinkers of global level.

At GDGPS, we aim for a perfect balance of complementing facts: use of technology with live teaching by a set of trained and experienced teachers to enable them to grasp the concepts without any difficulties. Teachers act as a mentor to students.

We have begun this journey with an earnest desire and a prayer to see our dreams come true.

As Terri Mc Pherson said -

'Let our legacy be one of action, a generation of doers, who prayed deeply and in earnest for the strength, the courage, the determination and conviction, to use our God-given gifts justly.'

Yes we have the capacity and the power within us to transform the world and so we are striving towards it. Here we, teachers, students, parents and community make an effort to work in tandem to help each other achieve higher outcomes. This united effort entails excitement, enjoyment, empowerment, enhanced performance and achievements. Our pioneering steps in establishing these values will definitely prepare a well-honed student for tomorrow's world.

Class X & XII Toppers