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G D Goenka Facilities

Science Lab

G.D.Goenka Indirapuram offers the science lab equipped with latest technology and supplies that makes learning science interesting and effective for students.

Computer Lab

The high tech computer lab is equipped with the latest systems to support teaching of ICT, Multimedia, Web technology and Mass media studies at the school level.


G.D.Goenka Indirapuram offers two libraries to cater the needs of different age groups within the same school. Junior library offers beautiful interiors and child friendly furniture to carry juniors in an imaginary world of stories. And a senior library enriched with all kinds of literature and science encyclopaedias.


The large number of deluxe air conditioned buses owned by the school are well equipped with wireless GPS Tracking system and CCTV cameras.


Safety and security of a child is of utmost importance to us at G.D. Goenka Indirapuram. Our campus is equipped with 300+ CCTV cameras to have round the clock vigilance in every corner of the school.


The school recognizes the need and importance for games and sports activities to develop the all-round personality of the child.

Why Choose Us?

Best Student: Teacher Ratio

Well Qualified & Experienced Teachers

Modern Practical Lab

Beautiful Organized Classroom

Our Campus Is Worldwide

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