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Our Mission

The mission of G.D. Goenka Public School is to develop outstanding leaders who contribute to the well being of society. Each member of the Goenkan community plays an important role in the pursuit of the mission.  


Our Vision

We, at GDGPS, Indirapuram crave to see our children grow up as responsible bright, happy, compassionate, self-reliant and productive citizen of the nation and the world. 

We are striving towards excellence. We aspire that our students emerge excellent not just in academics and intellectual awareness but also grow physically agile, morally upright, aesthetically appreciative and spiritually enlightened.

We look forward to an educational system that will help enhance the child's cognitive growth, analytical reasoning, problem solving, and decision-making skills.

We crave to see our children grow to become truly secular by inculcating in them a healthy respect for all religions and a proper understanding of their social responsibilities in our pluralistic society.

Its our endeavour to strengthen the healthy roots of our social fabric at large. Living in harmony with the inherited wealth of natural environment and the collective heritage is the only way to a sustainable world.

Our children will definitely emerge as global leaders in their respective areas with a balanced growth in their personality amalgamation of modern etiquettes with traditional values to give them the exposure to both global world and indian culture and at the same time we try to develop a mindset that is inquisitive and innovative to make them thinkers of global level. 

At GDGPS, we aim for a perfect balance of complementing facts: use of technology with live teaching by a set of  trained and experienced teachers to enable them to grasp the concepts without any difficulties. Teachers act as a mentor to students. 

We have begun this journey with an earnest desire and a prayer to see our dreams come true.

As Terri Mc Pherson said -

'Let our legacy be one of action, a generation of doers, who prayed deeply and in earnest for the strength, the courage, the determination and conviction, to use our God-given gifts justly.'

Yes we have the capacity and the power within us to transform the world and so we are striving towards it. Here we, teachers, students, parents and community make an effort to work in tandem to help each other achieve higher outcomes. This united effort entails excitement, enjoyment, empowerment, enhanced performance and achievements. Our pioneering steps in establishing these values will definitely prepare a well-honed student for tomorrow's world. 

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G.D Goenka Public School, Indirapuram has secured 100% pass result in CBSE Board examination for Grade X with 100% students scoring a First Division.
95 Distinctions in different subjects.

Students who secured 90% and above:
English: 39%
IInd Language: 17%
Mathematics: 48%
Science: 39%
Social Science: 30%
26% students secured overall 90% and above:
1)Vaibhav Kaul : 97.6
2)Suvidhi Jain
3)Shaurya Singh
4)Aditya Dua
5)Prachi Mavi
6)Shantanu Gupta
Outstanding result is a manifestation of the collaborative efforts of the diligent students, dedicated school faculty and supportive parents. 
The school’s philosophy of personalised attention, regular assignments, motivation, proper guidance and counselling along with remedial measures has indeed brought us meritorious results in the class X Board examination 2017-18. It was indeed heart warming to note the outstanding performance of our students in the CBSE class X Board Examinations. 
GDGPS, Indirapuram congratulates the Students ,Parents and Teachers.

Students of GD Goenka Public School, Indirapuram participated in an Inter-School Competition held at Bal Bharti Public School, Brij Vihar ‘Expressions – 2018’ and won laurels for the school. Amongst 35 schools, our school secured the 1st position in the Oranate Ave Maria and Curves and Creases, IInd Position in Fairy Tale with a Twist, and IIIrd position in ‘Little Chefs at Work’ and Drama Beans. Oranate Ave Maria: Parv Rastogi and Saket Vyas of IX- B Curves and Creases :- Bhavik Jain and Aarush Singh of V- C Fairy tale with a Twist :- Laksh Kakkar, Vedant Pant, Sarah Naqvi, Aarna and Kavya Pandey of II- B Little Chefs at Work :- Prananya Srivastava and Grace Jain of K.G. B Drama Beans :- Saanvi Jha, Saanvi, Devansh Kataria, Naisha Sahni and Sahil Hasan of II- A Kudos to the winners!!! 

GDGPS, Indirapuram in collaboration with Science Olympiad Foundation organised various Olympiad Examinations namely IGKO,IEO and NSO competition in the month of October, November and December. The following students were felicitated for their outstanding achievements: Winners : IEO examination GOLD MEDAL: SAANVI JHA 1-A KARTIKEY SHARMA 2-B VIVAAN NEWAR 3-A YASH JOSHI 4-C RIDDHIMA BHAT 5-A SAANVI DATTA 7-A MRITIKKA SARKAR 8-B SILVER MEDAL: UDIT RAI 1-B SAANVI ANSHU VERMA 2-B YAGYA ARORA 3-B DHAANI GUPTA 4-C VIDHI PANDEY 5-A BRONZE MEDAL: NAISHA SAHNI 1-a KAVYAA PANDEY 1-B ARJAV JAIN 2-A NAISHA GUPTA 3-A AASHI CHAUDHARY 4-D SHIVANSH NARAYAN DWIVEDI 5-B Medal of Distinction+Certificate of Zonal Excellence LAKSH KAKKAR 1-B Winners : IGKO examination GOLD MEDAL: Saanvi Jha 1-A Gauraansh A Chopra 2-B Swastik Mahendru 3-A Divisha 4-C Amlan Jyoti 5-B Winners : NSO examination GOLD MEDAL KAVYAA PANDEY 1B ARJAV JAIN 2A VIVAAN NEWAR 3A SHOURYAA VERMA 4A AMLAN JYOTI 5B PIYUSH RANJAN 7A MRITIKKA SARKAR 8B SILVER MEDAL TEJAS RAWAT 4B KHUSHI KATIYAR 8B BRONZE MEDAL SAKET VYAS 8B RUPASHI RATHOR 4A Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners.
Students of GD Goenka Public School, Indirapuram participated in an Inter School Skating Competition held at Chilla Sports Complex, on 1st February, 2018.
The beaming winners are:
Silver Medal: Reyansh(II-A),Ashmita Tiwari(IV-c),Daksh Tejrana(IV-D) and Aditya Tyagi(V-C)
Bronze Medal: Veer(II-A), Yash Joshi(IV-C),Dhwani Malik(V-A)and Avi Gupta(II-A)

Kudos to the champions!!!


Students of GD Goenka Public School, Indirapuram participated in an Inter School Competition held at Vishwa Bharati Public School and secured the FIRST position in Brunch Buffet making competition. 

Details are as follows:

Prisha Sood(Nur-A)

Amarya Singh(Nur-A)

Heartiest congratulation to the young Master Chef!!!


PRIANSHI KAMBOJ won a bronze medal in the Taekwondo Championship held at National Sports Meet, Modi Nagar on 07.01.2018 and PRINCESS KHUSHI brought accolades by winning the Gold Medal in the CBSE National Boxing Tournament in the category U-17(Girls), 60-65Kg. She has also been selected for Khelo India Games.

Kudos to the young achievers!


In a close nail biting finish GD Goenka Indirapuram competed with St.Columbus and secured the runner up trophy in the Finals of Adidas Uprising Football Tournament. The score were 3-2. Medals, Certificates and Gift voucher of Rs.1000/-(each)were received by young Goenkan Football team.


The flag of G.D. Goenka Public School, Indirapuram was upheld sky high by the aspiring boxer, Princess Khushi who has brought accolades by winning Gold Medal in the CBSE National Boxing Tournament in the category U-17(Girls), 60-65Kg.


It gives us immense pleasure to share that Avi Gupta of Grade II participated in the CBSE North Zone Cluster under 8 category in the Inter School Skating competition held on 25th and 26th October’17. He competed with 250 students from 157 schools. Eight year old , Avi Gupta reached the final round after clearing 35 preliminary levels of the competition. He secured the 4th position in the final level.

Heartiest Congratulations for the effort!


Students of G.D. Goenka Public School, Indirapuram participated in the Inter-School competition ‘Aahaan 2017’ organised by Uttam School for Girls. Our students competed with top 10 schools of Delhi/NCR and won laurels for the school.

1.Cushion It: First Position : Mustafa Habib(II-A)

2. The Continuum : Third Position:

Prakriti Chaudhary-XI,Yash  Rawat-XI,Varun Chauhan-XI,Srirup Chatterjee-XI,Shally Kumar-XI


3. Fusion Dance Competition : Third Position

Saanvi Datta-7-A,Samara Ansar 7-A,Shiney Arora 7-B,Ayushi Solanki 7-A,Vidya Anand 6-A

Jiya Ahuja 7-A,Jayanti Sengar 6-A, Priya Aggarwal 7-B, Swadha Waroop 7-B,Radhika  Aggarwal 6-A


Heartiest congratulations to all the winners! 


Students of GD Goenka Public School, Indirapuram participated in an Inter-School Competition ‘Goenkan Escaparate– 2017’ held at  G.D.Goenka Public School, Rajnagar extension and competed with 15 prestigious schools of Delhi/NCR.

Details are as follows:

FIRST position in Art Whiz competition  

Winning Team: Naisha Sahni,Veda Mahajan from Class I.

SECOND position in the Dance Competition

Winning Team:  Rupashi, Ridhi, Parth, Aashi, Dhwani, Ananya, Ankit, Luv, Udita, Siya, Anahad, Bhavishya

Heartiest Congratulation to the winners!!!

It is a matter of great pride that, GDGPS Indirapuram has been ranked as the number two in Indirapuram, the school ranks number  three in Ghaziabad and number 18 in Uttar Pradesh. GDGPS has worked concertedly towards making its mark on the educational map and such rankings go a long way in strengthening the educational edifice of the school. The strong conglomerate of the students, teachers, parents and the school management has made this achievement possible and we are is ready to venture and explore the uncharted territories and achieve many a more milestones.

 Proud moment for GDGPS Indirapuram… miles to go!!!

We are pleased to inform the 1st level result of the 19th SOF NATIONAL SCIENCE OLYMPIAD

The medal tally is as follows:




KASHIKA VEDASAN, ARYAN SHARMA has qualified for Level-2 NSO Olympiad.

Heartiest congratulations!!!

We are pleased to inform the 1st level result of the SOF-16th NATIONAL CYBER OLYMPIAD. 

The medal tally is as follows:

Gold Medal : Ahvaan Agarwal(II-C), Apoorva Sharma(III-A), Amlan Jyoti(IV-B)

Apoorva Sharma(III-A) has qualified for Level-2 NCO Olympiad.

Heartiest congratulations!!!


Students of GDGPS, Indirapuram participated in the Inter-School Roller Skating Championship held at Summer Fields School,Delhi and won laurels for the school.

Gold Medal: Kavya Aggarwal and Kush Chaudhary

Silver Medal: Aarav Sharma, Aarush Singh, Daksh Tejrana and Saavitrey

Bronze Medal: Kamini, Princess Arora, Yaduvansh Tyagi and Garvita Choudhary

Kudos to the young achievers!

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