Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

“If the face of India has to change ever, it is only going to be possible with proper & quality education being imparted to everyone without any discrimination”

If you look closely, you will notice and realise that the energy of inspiration is all around.From the rising sun to a placid lake on a warm summer night,from our favorite books to our own reflections, the places and things from which we can draw inspiration are infinite and the best part is that every day is a chance to capture this energy- to seek out all of life’s possibilities.

The seeds sown initially have quickly come to fruition and GDGPS Indirapuram today has established itself as an ideal place for learning.GDGPS Indirapuram has become a perfect abode to grow and nurture oneself in an environment conducive for learning. We strive for the pursuit of excellence and integrity of character,imbibing strong values of Indian Sanskriti . It is our endeavour to create a learning environment by creating opportunities and enhancing facilities in the field of education so that all children feel enabled, challenged and encouraged to put in their best. At the core of our efforts lies an attempt to give the right blend of traditions and technology with an aim to prepare lifelong learners who can extend themselves beyond boundaries of books, an emerging generation with global calibre who can be positive contributors to the community as a whole.

Our children will definitely emerge as global leaders in their respective areas with a balanced growth in their personality,amalgamation of modern etiquettes with traditional values.Our scientific (cause & effect) way of imparting education helps them to be innovative and allows them to think freely and be the positive contributors to the society as a whole. We all know our thoughts and dreams affect our realities, and if backed with proper planning,hard work and persistent focused effort,nothing really is unachievable. I am sure the knowledge learnt, the fine qualities imbibed and the skills acquired here will help the Goenkans make their mark in the world.

I randomly heard it on some station and since then the below has stayed with me in my heart and mind and I would like to share it with you all. Once, a highly successful businessman was asked “How have you done so much in life?”

He replied “I grow great by dreams. I dream at night and in the morning, find the ways to make my dreams real. While people were saying, you can’t do this, this is impossible, I always knew what I wanted.”

The above incident changed my perspective and that’s why I say : “Believing in oneself is the key to Success”.

Good luck to my students and best wishes to the staff members.

Ankur Malhotra
G D Goenka, Indirapuram
Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.